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Lock Your Docs! provides a very secure “online safe” for those important documents that need to be immediately available and accessible in case of any crisis.

Our core focus is to ensure that you have the documents you need regardless of the disaster at hand. Although no one wants to deal with disasters, the reality is that they happen when you least expect it. With Lock Your Docs! your sensitive information is organized and immediately available so that you can get back to business as quickly as possible. The service requires no software or installations, is easy to set up and use, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to protect your business and your personal information. That's why we believe in keeping things simple. Our pricing is straightforward and there are no contracts to sign. The service is extremely user-friendly and requires nothing more than a connection to the internet to use.

Lock Your Docs! was developed by Mr. Microchip Software Center, Inc. leading experts in the data protection industry, in order to provide businesses and consumers with a simple, secure solution so that they can get back to business as quickly as possible.

Lock Your Docs! was recently featured in Shoestring Venture: The Startup Bible Guide as an outstanding startup business.